Who we are

Sue & Brian started Craftyhounds in 2013 following the adoption of Monty & Gracie, two ex racing greyhounds, from Forever Hounds Trust (FHT) and our love of this gentle, elegant & often goofy breed started.  

Helping these Hounds proved to be a perfect outlet for our passion for arts & crafts and we now sell our items to raise funds for the hounds in care

We are based in the UK and specialise in quality gifts & accessories not only for our best houndy friends but also our human friends and family.

Over the years Craftyhounds has grown into a little cottage industry and we have now a small group of animal lover helpers, although most of the Team work full time so all our gifts and accessories are made in spare time at the weekend.

We attend a number of events alongside FHT and have raised funds to purchase a variety of equipment, accessories & treats to help these hounds in their journey to a forever sofa.

We will continue to raise funds for FHT as well as being able to support other rescue charities, all of whom are struggling with the cost of living crisis alongside an increase of dogs being handed in to rescues

Meet the Makers

Everyone involved in Craftyhounds do so in their spare time and have between us have 14 dogs of differing breeds and sizes so we have plenty of "willing models" & testers for our accessories and toys.  Some items are not available via the Craftyhounds Etsy Shop as they take a while to make due to time constraints but if there is anything you see that you like please email on the link above.



Anything sewn, Bandanas, Dog Bows, Collars, Poo Bag Holders, Shopping Bags, Glasses Cases, Reusable Face cloths etc, Embroidery, Stained Glass, Fused Glass, Collars and general crafty things

Events Organiser

Mum to Oakley, Hugo & Dudley



Anything arty & sculptural

Mr Christmas Gifts

Dad to Oakley, Hugo & Dudley - Chief Dog Walker


Chief Side-kick

Beading & Button Queen, Hearts,  Angels, Glasses Chains & Button Frames

 Co Events Organiser & sounding board

Mum to Crilly & Lucy, Toy Testers and sizing models


Snufflemat & Tuggie Queen

Mum to Nero, Quality Control


Snuffleballs, Fleecy Rings

Mum to Penny, Toy Tester


Snuffleballs & Fleecy cutter outer

Mum to Alfie, Toy Tester


Helpers and good friends 



A regular at Events with her boys, Pilgrim & Tam

Events Organiser



A regular at events and IT & Social Media Guru

Mum to Jett, the complete nutter we all love


Tester on bags and accessories

Mum to Princess Luna


Helper at events and tester on bags, purses and accessories

Mum to Lexa & Obi (recently passed away)


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